Motorcycle transport Gauteng

Motorcycle transport Gauteng Loading up a consignment of Harley Davidson's at our depot in Cape Town ready for transport to Gauteng.   Another consignment of Harley Davidson's loaded up at Gold Rand HD in Johannesburg for transport to Margate KZN. Harley's loaded at Gold Rand HD in JHB. BIKE FREIGHT TRANSPORT - VEHICLES AT [...]

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Motorcycle Transport Zambia Trip

Motorcycle Transport Zambia Trip Leaving Cape Town for a 3 day trip to Livingstone in Zambia via Botswana for Toren Wing of Wings Herbal and friends. Who will be touring Zambia for around 10 days. Fly back to Cape Town on Sunday 23rd September. Then fly back up to Livingstone on the 3rd October. Collect [...]

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Brad Binder Assen

Brad Binder Assen Brought to you by Bike Fright Transport. Your #1 specialised motorcycle transport company. “It was a tough race. I started from far back and I knew that it was going to be quite difficult. Over the entire weekend I have never had either a good pace or a good lap time. I [...]

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Motorcycle couriers

Have you bought or are you in the process of buying/selling a bike. Need to have it transported cross country? This is what we do. Motorcycle transport, door to door, all over SA and Namibia. Multiple trips every week from our depot in Cape Town. 24Hr Sat tracking on all of our vehicles, the most [...]

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Honda CBR Transport

Honda CBR Transport We transport all makes of motorcycles, tuc tucs, trikes, golf carts, scooters and quad bikes. Honda CBR Transport Multiple trips every week all over SA and Namibia. Honda CBR Transport iTrack Live tracking available on all of our vehicles. The cient then has the option to track his [...]

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Shipping motorcycles overseas.

Shipping motorcycles overseas. Loaded up and ready to leave.. We ship motorcycles overseas. Destinations in Europe, USA, Dubai, Australia, New Zeeland, United Kingdom. Shared container loads to keep costs down and also no need for crating. We will collect your bike anywhere in SA or Namibia for transport to Cape Town,  store your [...]

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Drivers Wanted

Drivers Wanted at our Cape Town depot. Code EB towing trailers. Must have long distance experience, be well mannered and polite. Must be fit and healthy as loading off loading bikes is hard work.   Filthy day in Cape Town. Drivers Wanted at our Cape Town depot in Montague Gardens. Loading and offloading [...]

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Motorcycle transport No Insurance

Motorcycle transport No Insurance Hi All, I want to take this opportunity to try and get the message out there about unscrupulous motorcycle transporters. Those people who only want your money and have no intention of providing a professional level of service. Especially when it comes to what they are selling and you, the consumer [...]

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