Brad Binder Brno

Brad Binder Brno Brad Binder Brno   The Red Bull Ring hosted more than 90,000 fans this Sunday, and the gathered crowd enjoyed a breathtaking Moto2 race. As he did in the Czech Republic, Brad Binder finished in sixth place. Moto2 KTM Team Brad Binder had a great first lap, entering the Top [...]

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Lucifer’s Hammer

Lucifer's Hammer. A small selection of pics of the Buell 1125rr, Lucifer's Hammer at Killarney on the 28th May 2016 for round three of the Supa GP series. The weekend did not go that well for the Bike Freight Transport Racing Buell 1125rr. During official practice on Friday I blew a huge hole in the [...]

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Regional Superbikes.

Regional Superbikes Regional Superbikes. Round 3 of the Supa GP Series did not go well for the Bike Freight Transport Racing Buell 1125rr. After de-laminating the main drive belt during the 2nd race of the season and having to wait 5 weeks or so for the new drive belts to arrive. Practice on [...]

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Race 2 Power Series.

Race 2 Power Series. Loaded and ready to leave for Killarney Raceway. So looking forward to getting the beastie out on the track in anger.             Suited and booted! Ready for the first race of the day! Qualified 21st. Which was not that bad considering this is my first race [...]

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Power Series Race 2.

Power Series Race 2. Been a bit of a roller coaster 24 hours after finding out my drive belt had delaminated just as I'm getting ready for race two of the Power Series at Killarney. Already missed the first race because of bike issues. However a many great thanks to Garry knoetze from the Buell [...]

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Buell 1125rr. Lucifer’s Hammer.

Buell 1125rr. Lucifer's Hammer. Practice 15th March at Killarney Raceway in Cape Town. Weather was good except for the South Easter, but that is normal for Cape Town at this time of year. However the track conditions were appalling. WPMC has had the track re surfaced at various locations around the track. Turn 1, a [...]

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Lucifer’s Hammer:

  Lucifer's Hammer: Buell 1125rr. Lucifer's Hammer. Tuesday practice yesterday 16.02.16 at Killarney Raceway in Cape Town. Went well. Albeit we failed the sound check by 4 db. So, pack the exhaust with some steel wool and try again! I wont be racing in the season opener on Saturday, The Power Series due [...]

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