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Motorcycle transport trip 199

Motorcycle transport trip 199 Loaded up and ready to leave the Cape Town depot for JHB.   We now provide full 24 hr satellite tracking on all of our vehicles. So you can now track your bike whilst in transit with only a 15 second delay from real time.   We transport motorcycles all over [...]

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Motorcycle motorbike transport trip 194

Motorcycle motorbike transport trip 194. We transport motorcycles. Multiple trips all over South Africa and Namibia door to door every week. Loaded up and ready to leave the Cape Town depot. We transport anything bike related, scooters, trikes, quads, golf carts and Tuc Tucs. We do not transport household goods, garden refuse or [...]

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Motorcycle transport South Africa

Motorcycle transport South Africa Many of you may have see advertisements for U Ship advertising "cheap motorcycle transport". Do not be mislaid. U Ship add on a commission to the rate quoted which either you the consumer pays or the service provider pays. Either way this commission is adding to the costs of your motorcycle [...]

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Bike Freight Transport Trip 187

Bike Freight Transport Trip 187. Loading up Bike Freight Transport Trip 187 at the depot in Cape Town. Very rare CJ750 Sidecar combination going up to Pretoria. MotoMia Scooter going up to Pietermaritzberg, a Yamy1200 Tenere to Ballito. On the way up the Garden Route a Suzi 750 to be collected in PE for Pretoria and [...]

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Motorcycle transport trip 186

Motorcycle transport trip 186 Bit of a disastrous trip this one. All went well on the up side from Cape Town to JHB, stopped off in Klerksdorp to deliver a GS 1200 to Suzuki Klerksdorp at around 23.00 hrs whilst the guys were celebrating a stag night. I was very tempted to stay, but had [...]

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Transporting motorbikes Trip 178

Transporting motorbikes Trip 178 Transporting motorbikes Trip 178 Stopped at Colesberg Engen 1 Stop for fuel and a brekkie bun! On our way to Cape Town from JHB with a few BMW GS, a Honda CBR 6, HD and a couple of scooters. Transporting motorbikes Trip 178. We transport motorcycles all over South Africa [...]

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Motorcycle transport No Insurance

Motorcycle transport No Insurance Hi All, I want to take this opportunity to try and get the message out there about unscrupulous motorcycle transporters. Those people who only want your money and have no intention of providing a professional level of service. Especially when it comes to what they are selling and you, the consumer [...]

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