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Bike Transport: Trip 117/118

Bike Transport:

Due to a major delay in Johannesburg on Saturday where both my trucks were stranded due to a problem with their petrol card. Causing them to get back to Cape Town only this morning, Thursday 11 February. Naturally the drivers require their 24 hours rest period and the trucks also need to be serviced before being sent out on another trip. Therefore the scheduled trip for this week will be postponed until next week. Trip 117 and 118 will therefore be leaving Cape Town early on Tuesday morning 16th February. Trip 117 will be going via the N1 to Bloemfontein and JHB. Turning around in JHB on Wednesday getting into Durban on Thursday and back down the Garden Route to Cape Town on Friday/Saturday. Trip 118 will also leave Cape Town early on Tuesday and head out along the Garden Route to George and PE and into Durban for Thursday, JHB on Friday and back to Cape Town via the N1 on Saturday.

Trucks at depot

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