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Huge Order From Harley Davidson South Africa

Huge Order From Harley Davidson South Africa.

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Bike Freight Transport have just been awarded a huge order from Harley Davidson South Africa for the transportation of some 65 bikes over a two week period from various Harley Davidson dealers throughout South Africa to Africa Bike Week in Margate on the South Natal Coast. And then the return of the bikes to the various dealers. This is by far the largest order of its kind in South Africa and certainly one of the largest orders we have secured at Bike Freight Transport. The size of this order though should pose no great strain on the infrastructure of Bike Freight Transport as we have 4 Nissan NP300 in Cape Town and one at our depot in Johannesburg. On the back of this order we will also be implementing an online tracking service through iTrackLive. This will allow clients to log into the tracking system to be able to see where their bike is in its transit from one location to the next. This will be achieved through a temporary log in that the client pays for. Once the clients bike has been delivered the login details are erased. This will allow clients to be able to log in as many times as they wish at any time they chose with no more than a 15 seconds delay from the actual position of their vehicle.

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