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Lucifer’s Hammer front forks

Popped a front fork seal at the last track school in November. The forks went into MP Custom Valve for service, new seals and checking out. Martin Peatzold for all your suspension needs. Should get the forks back Friday and re installed over the weekend. Trying to locate Mobile 1 Racing oil as the new oil filter and oil pressure switch have arrived. Once I find my oil quick oil service and just about ready for the next outing on the track.



The new branding has been ordered from Greg Burns. Should arrive early next week. Once done the bike should look very good and very racy in its new Bike Freight Transport livery.

The bike will be campaigning in WPMC Clubmans class A. Time bracket is 1.19.99 to 1.22.99. Which will take a bit of work as my last fast times were around the 1.21 mark. I guess the bike’s potential will be around a 1.18 something. If I can squeeze some more power out of it, install a quick shifter etc I could probably get it down to a 1.16 or so. Hypothetically of course!

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