Lucifer’s Hammer

Lucifer’s Hammer.

A small selection of pics of the Buell 1125rr, Lucifer’s Hammer at Killarney on the 28th May 2016 for round three of the Supa GP series.


The weekend did not go that well for the Bike Freight Transport Racing Buell 1125rr. During official practice on Friday I blew a huge hole in the exhaust, had this welded up for R600. Then in qualifying the end cap blew off the exhaust. So nothing I could do about it so it was left for the race on Saturday.


Warm up on Saturday morning was a disaster for everybody due to a horrible crash down the back straight to turn 5. A number of bikes were involved with some riders receiving serious injuries.

Killarney turn 4 with Shak.

Race one then got under way after a re shuffling of the events for the day. I was placed 19th on the grid and just as the lights went out I stalled the bike. Couldnt get it re started, then finally it coughed into life. I was a clear half lap behind the back markers and had to peddle for my life to catch up. i was detirmined not to finish last. On about lap six I cought up with the tail enders and made my pass and started chasing the next bike only to run out off brakes with two laps to go. I was just praying that I had created enough gap that i would not be re passed and finish stone cold last. Then finally the chequred flag came down, much to my relief.

Turn 3 killarney 28th May 2016

Unfortunately what with the exhaust badly in need of replacement and my front brakes completely stuffed I had to call it a day and mark this one down to experience. Going forward, a new exhaust from Besserker Exhausts and new race pads from ESP and we should be back on the track for the next race.

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