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Race 2 Power Series.

Race 2 Power Series. Loaded and ready to leave for Killarney Raceway. So looking forward to getting the beastie out on the track in anger.

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Suited and booted! Ready for the first race of the day!

Qualified 21st. Which was not that bad considering this is my first race in over three years. Qualy time was a respectful 1:26. which was actually quite good. The new Dunlop D211 were fantastic, inspiring soooo much confidence. The track was in great shape considering the issues we had in practice on Tuesday and Wednesday and the bump in turn one was hardly noticeable when out at full chat!

The first race though was a bit of a disaster. Lined up for the start, revs at around 7000 rpm ready to drop the clutch, lights out, GOOOOO! It helps to have the bike in gear! Wait for the rpm to drop, clunk it into gear and then go. Stone cold last by a long way. Cought up with the tail ender’s in turn one and started to pick them off. Lap three hard on the brakes coming into turn one, out braked myself and ran off into the kitty litter, back to last place. Some inspired riding got me back up to 21st place by the end of the race.

Race two was a whole lot better. Again started 21st, not a great start but did get away ok. Into turn one, round the outside took 3 or 4 places, another into turn two, chasing down a couple more bikes in front of me by about lap 4. Chasing down the pack and getting measurably closer but by lap 5 was pretty exhausted. The pack gradually pulled away from me. Finished around 19th. All in all a great days racing. A respectable finish and looking forward to race three. 16th April.

The bike, Lucifer’s Hammer, was impeccable, as always. Except for an exhaust issue. In qualifying the can started to blow and eventually blew out a piece of aluminium casing about an inch square. Managed to find some exhaust bandage and wrapped the can and secured it with lock wire and a stainless steel clamp, all good. Race one blew a hole in the exhaust bandage but it didn’t seem that bad so I left it. Race two it almost blew off the end cap and blew out a chunk of aluminium canister about and inch x four inches! Back to Scorch for a new can.


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