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Terms & Conditions

Bike Freight Transport undertakes that the utmost care and skill will be applied to the transportation of vehicles given over to our charge.

Bike Freight Transport operates purpose built custom trailers and multi loaders designed for transporting vehicles safely and securely. We only use custom made tie down straps we have specially made to order. Bike Transport Terms

Bike Freight Transport or its staff will not be held liable for damage of whatever kind to vehicles whilst in transit.

Should a claim for damages be brought against Bike Freight Transport or its staff, through a court of law, “onus probandi” will apply. To wit, the claimant must prove his claim for damages in accordance with South African Law.

Bike Freight Transport cannot guarantee that no unforeseen events take place and will not be liable for damage to vehicles as a result of “force majeure”. Terms & Conditions

Bike Freight Transport will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to lose parts provided for transport. The risk is entirely the consignees, and the parts must be adequately packaged for transport. If parts are deemed not to be adequately packaged and therefore pose a threat of damage to other vehicles in a consignment the parts will not be taken. Bike Transport. Terms

Bike Freight Transport operates on a payment in full in advance basis. Vehicles will not be collected without proof of payment.

Payments can be made in cash or electronic funds transfer. Proof of eft payments must be provided in order to collect the vehicle. Terms & Conditions

We are a VAT registered company and vat is applicable to all payments.

Bike Freight Transport offers insurance cover over third party vehicles through Hollard, Zurich or OUTsurance. (It is against the law in South Africa to have multiple insurance over vehicles).  It is entirely the responsibility of the client/owner of the vehicle/motorcycle to ensure adequate cover over their asset/s. whilst in transit. In the event that the client/owner decides to waive on insurance protection of their asset/s whilst in transit, the client, by accepting Bike Freight Transport’s terms and conditions accepts the risk and no claim will be instituted against any of its office bearers/staff that may arise. Terms & Conditions

Bike Freight Transport is based in Cape Town and schedules a round trip from Cape Town to Durban and Johannesburg then back to Durban and back to Cape Town on a round trip basis. It is impossible to adhere to specific timing, therefore clients need to be cognizant of this fact and make the necessary arrangement for collection and or delivery of a vehicle in the most flexible way possible. We do offer an exclusive personal delivery service which will be quoted on if requested. Dealers especially must make provision for after-hours delivery and/or collection when it is required. Bike Transport. Terms. Delays will incur a R175 per hour waiting fee, up to three hours. Any time delay after this will be deemed a futile trip and charged accordingly.

Bike Freight Transport will charge R500 futile trip fee for vehicles that are not available for collection or if delivery cannot be affected. Bike Transport Terms.

Bike Freight Transport will charge R175 per hour waiting time up to a max of three hours, thereafter the delay will be charged as a futile trip.

Cancellations at site will incur the loss of the full payment paid as a cancellation fee. If we have made the effort to collect and or deliver your vehicle, we are to be reimbursed for the costs incurred as well as loss of income.

Cancellations received for “Need it yesterday” transport and “Normal Transport” will incur the loss in full of the booking amount in lieu of cancellation.

Cancelled bookings for cars will incur a 10% cancellation fee which will be deducted from moneys paid.

Cancellations received after payment has been received and a booking has been made and accepted by Bike Freight Transport, up to the last working day prior to the week of the scheduled transport trip for “I can wait Transport” will incur the loss of R500 as cancellation fee.

Bike Freight Transport strongly advises clients to arrange adequate fully comprehensive insurance over their asset.


If the motorcycle is being handed over to Bike Freight Transport by a third party a letter to this effect must be provided to Bike Freight Transport to ensure that the handing over of the motorcycle is legally collected. If for one reason or another Bike Freight Transport is not able to collect a motorcycle as per the arrangements the client will be liable for the full fee as quoted by Bike Freight Transport.


Bike Freight Transport never takes over ownership of a vehicle, the vehicle remains the property of the owner while being transported by Bike Freight Transport.

Bike Freight Transport retains ownership of all tie down straps, material and stickers.

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